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See More Technologies provides access to state-of-art security technologies designed to ensure the best service and quality systems available in our industry. For more than 35 years, we've worked hard to build a solid reputation. A reputation our customers can count on. 


The P.A.L.S. Impact

Productivity continuously improved with intelligent planning, a focused effort, and effective management. Our security systems provide the ability to view production throughout the day or view playback after falling behind, or in the event of an incident. Management will gain the intelligence needed to guide changes and improvements that lead to increased productivity.

Accountability is crucial to a healthy management—employee relationship. Individuals must accept responsibility for his or her own actions. Knowing that management can view live or playback work activities encourages the right behaviors. Employees are more likely to stay focused, which leads to greater efficiency. And, less likely to take shortcuts or be negligent when operating equipment and driving forklifts—stacking, loading, and unloading inventory. This gives management greater confidence that safety procedures and company policies are being followed.

Liability insurance is a necessity and can be very expensive based on the type business, number of employees and equipment used.  OSHA defines PIT [Powered Industrial Truck] as any mobile power propelled truck used to carry, push, pull, lift, or stack. This includes man lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts and motorized hand trucks. When not used properly, this equipment can present potential hazards to human life, not to mention inventory and property damage. Our CCTV and forklift camera systems pay for themselves. Experience fewer accidents, minimize loss time injuries. We specialize in loss prevention.

Savings related to costs management, quality control and process improvements supports operational excellence. This is just as important to your bottom line as increasing sales. P.A.L.S. gives you peace of mind that overall productivity will increase, and individual employees will develop a greater sense of accountability for their actions, while also achieving significant savings by eliminating theft, minimizing damaged inventory and improving your safety record.